The Calvinists, shamelessly and openly blame God for every sin, malady, criminal intent and evil thought the natural man can conjure up.

But if that is true, how can God, judge the world? According to this perverted doctrine, If a man rejects Christ, it's because the Lord led him to do it! Yet that same man will be cast alive into the lake of fire, where the smoke of his torment will ascend up forever and forever, and he will have no rest day or night throughout eternity." Rev. 14:11. (all because God chose this man to suffer indescribable horror, though totally blameless in this matter, since he was unable to choose or reject the Saviour,)

On one occasion, when I spoke on Calvinism, I deliberately upset a number of non-Calvinists in the audience with the opening remark, "I'm sure some of you know that God has said in His Word that He creates evil." I paused to let it sink in lazily turning the pages of my Bible. Soon some of the audience was fidgeting and squirming, looking at each other, perhaps wondering where all this was going. You could see it in their faces. Then I asked the audience to turn in their Bibles to Isaiah 45:7, I read, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do all these things." At that moment, if I had nothing else, I had my auditor's full and undivided attention. I then announced that Wayne King was going to bring a special number in song, which he did. This gave our audience even more time to think. After Wayne was seated, I shared my understanding of Isa. 45:7. which is that "God has set up physical, moral, social, dietary and spiritual laws which, when violated, bring evil results. In this sense God creates evil."

John Calvin, by his origin of sin and denial of the free will of man to accept or reject truth has, by his genius, created a god totally foreign to the Bible, a god that he defined and refined over a period of some 30 years. a god that most of his followers today, 175 years later, will defend to their dying breath!

Bob Thompson
April 22, 2006

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